I am a 5th year Phd student in Computer Science at Brown University, advised by Daniel Ritchie.

I am looking for full time positions that starts after winter 2022. I am not seeking any internships for summer 2022.

Things that (I try to believe) are my research interests:

  • Learning to generate shapes, rooms, floors and Cities: Skylines
  • Finding new approaches in modeling 3D datas and graph-structured datas.
  • Understanding the human design process, and finding the right sequence of machine learning models to recreate this process. (and why I am a horrible designer myself)

Things that (I fail to convince myself) are not my research interests:

  • Finding the correct inductive bias for modeling tonal music, particularly through transformational theory of music.
  • Modeling the audio perceptory process, for speech, music and other sounds.
  • Non-photorealistic rendering in the style of anime.
  • Physical simulation for sound and voice acting.
  • Understanding and modeling subjective opinions on different media of art.
  • Designing neural networks for any tasks that require abstract reasoning, human creativity and memeing.
  • The hard problem of consciousness, and how that can shed light into current machine learning
  • 42

I spent my undergraduate time in the middle of no where and wasted too much time messing around with random stuff (and put too little time into actual computer science). I totally did not regret that though, and I still enjoyed all the exposures in music theory, studio arts, cognitive science (though I forgot to declare that as a minor/concentration) and many other things.

June 2021
Pandemic hit hard... At least I finally got one paper conditionally accepted to SGP 2021...
July 2020
Kenny's work on a DSL for shape structure synthesis got accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2020! I at least attended (most of) the project meetings...
May 2020
Interning at Adobe... Worked from home for too long and my muscles are not strong enough to move furnitures anymore, so now I'm moving object parts!
November 2019
Honored to receive Adobe Research Fellowship 2020.
June 2019
My personal website is officially more than a single line of text!