News Archive
July 2022
We moved parts of a shape around with a "slot machine" and will share this work at ECCV 2022!
June 2021
We show how to move 3D rooms around (and stitch them together) in a paper accepted to SGP 2021!
July 2020
Kenny's work on a DSL for shape structure synthesis got accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2020!
May 2020
Interning at Adobe. Worked from home for too long and my muscles are not strong enough to move furnitures anymore, so now I'm moving object parts!
November 2019
Honored to receive Adobe Research Fellowship 2020.
June 2019
My personal website is officially more than a single line of text!
May 2019
Interning at Facebook AI Research. Still moving furnitures around, but now at an industry scale...
May 2019
I realized that we really just have been moving furnitures randomly. So I added some actual (high level) reasoning, and sent that to SIGGRAPH 2019!
March 2019
We moved furnitures faster than ever before and will share the results at CVPR 2019!
March 2018
I moved some furnitures around and managed to publish my first paper at SIGGRAPH 2018!
September 2017
Started my PhD at Brown University.